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A professionally drafted Will together with a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property & Finance and Health & Welfare should provide complete peace of mind for whatever life throws at you.

Wills, Protective Property Trusts and LPAs are very personal documents and we draft them for each client based on their circumstances. Because everyone’s needs are different prices do vary slightly and we will quote an exact, final price once we’ve met you and fully understand your requirements. What we quote is what you’ll pay.

To give you an idea the cost of a standard Single Will is £250.00 +VAT, a Couple’s (or Mirror) Will is £400.00 +VAT.  All consultation is completely FREE OF CHARGE and we can also offer professionally secure storage of your documents as well as registration on Certainty’s National Will Register.

Remember, there are no hidden fees such as Witnessing or home visit costs.

Single Will

£250.00 + VAT
  • This is a professional Will for one person which sets out where applicable your Executors, Guardians, charity gifts, gifts of money and specific legacies, the final distribution of your remaining assets and funeral arrangements.

Mirror Wills

£400.00 + VAT
  • Professionally drafted Mirror Wills are for a couple (not necessarily married) setting out the details as per the single Will, but in two separate documents. There can be slight variations in what each person requires but generally they’ll ‘Mirror’ one another.

Lasting Power of Attorney for Property & Finance and Health & Welfare

£600.00 + VAT
  • *Pricing is per person and will not change no matter how many Attorneys you appoint. We will prepare both types of Lasting Power of Attorney, guiding you through your various options and making sure you fully understand these powerful legal documents. We will then act as Witness and Certificate Provider.

Mirror Wills with Protective Property Trusts

£400.00 + VAT
  • Pricing is per person. This is for a couple who own a property together and wish to ring fence their share of the family home from care fees and/or sideways disinheritance. We prepare Mirror Wills as above, along with a severance of tenancy where necessary and the inclusion of Protective Property Trusts.

*Please note that our LPA fees do not include the registration charges set by the Office of the Public Guardian. This can range from £0.00 - £82.00 depending on personal circumstances.

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