Funeral Plans

Many people are still unaware that they can safely and cost-effectively pre-pay for their own funeral during their lifetime.

Funeral costs have consistently risen at rates well above inflation, so it can make good sense to sacrifice part of your low-yielding bank or building society savings now and secure YOUR choice of funeral at today’s prices. Even if you have allocated savings on a special account, accessing the money after your death may be difficult until probate is granted. By choosing a pre-paid funeral plan, your relatives or executors would be spared the embarrassment of being asked to pay several thousand pounds by a funeral director, which they may end up having to borrow.

You may be very happy to have a fairly low budget funeral but, if you don’t pre-plan, the relatives you leave behind may not be aware of this and may choose to splash out on a lavish affair at a cost well above that which you would find acceptable. Alternatively, they may choose a fairly modest funeral when you would have preferred a top-of-the-range send off.

Choosing what you prefer in advance can avoid family arguments and make a very difficult time less painful for those you leave behind.

If you have reasonable levels of savings that are not performing well, using some of them now can make good financial sense and avoid difficult choices for your family or friends.

The money you invest in your pre-paid funeral plan is fully protected, and you can even pay by instalments if you prefer, so please ask us now for further details.